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To produce their meticulous and creative images Zach & Buj draw on their cross-cultural backgrounds and their shared decades of experience.

Zach learned earthy and humorous practically growing up among NSA engineers and hippies. Buj developed a refined and precise aesthetic studying art and advertising in the historic part of Istanbul.

They met at work in New York.

They bring their gift of collaboration to each project, drawing on each other's strengths to produce work that is a clear and refined expression of their clients' vision.

Together they have built two shoot locations. Their indoor studio with a full kitchen is in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The outdoor studio Catskill Kitchen, is set in a lush garden with a grill and a smoker and a pizza oven. After a brilliant shoot, Zach & Buj have favorite strolls in Red Hook. At the Catskill Kitchen there is a ping pong table and a nearby swimming hole.


Zach and Buj kick ass